To be noticed and to stand out in stores is becoming all the more important. The pallet wrap from Decowell is a material which really makes the difference!

The pallet wrap from Decowell is made from corrugated paper. The concept itself is as simple as it is ingenious and creates the ultimate P.O.S. material. The corrugated structure makes the material sturdy yet easy to work with. This is the reason why it  is widely used in stores.

The pallet wrap from Decowell is a recyclable product – about 60% of all corrugated paper in England is recycled. Our standard is to have a brown backing of the wrap, made of unbleached 100% recycled paper. 

Flexography, offset or digital printing? Should the print be on the smooth or corrugated side? The print, naturally, is adjusted to your wishes and conditions.

Send us a request and we will respond with a proposition for a design which will suit you and your products!


How do I use PALLET WRAP?


1. Unroll

Pallet wrap comes in an ‘easy to carry’ roll. Roll out the length you need for your display.


2. Wrap

Quickly and easily wrap the base your display area.


3. Cut

Cut the Pallet wrap with a knife or scissors and attach the ends together with a paper clip or something similar.



4. Recycle

One your campaign is done, pallet wrap is perfectly suited to be recycled with other Corrugated Cardboard.


Technical Information

Printing technology: Flexography, digital print, offset

Thickness: 1,5 mm, E – Flute – Miniwell

Diameter: 22 cm

Length of roll: 25 meters is the standard, but can be adjusted to your wishes

Height of roll: 10 cm to 120 cm

Length of graphic: Up to 134 cm in flexography

Number of colors: Up to 8