What is STICKY? 

STICKY is a unique advertising medium developed and patented by Decowell. Your message is printed onto a carrier, lined with a special adhesive, which allows the streamer to be used over and over. The adhesive leaves no trace when removed.

STICKY is preferably used for marketing and advertising campaigns on smooth surfaces such as walls or windows. You can also use Sticky on refrigerated displays and freezers, or directly onto  packaging or products. A monochromatic Sticky can be used as decoration on table tops, walls or suchlike. Why not make your white table red for Christmas?

STICKY is delivered on a roll which usually measures 25 meters in length. We can, however, adjust the length to your needs.


How do I use STICKY?


1. Unroll

Unroll a strip of Sticky and place it where you want it to start. Press lightly with your hand. No carrier sheet is needed due to the unique adhesive.


2. Apply

To apply Sticky to your surface, gently press it on with your hand. Did you apply it skew? No problem, just pull it off and reapply. The adhesive is reusable.


3. Cut

When you are satisfied and done with the application, you simply cut the Sticky with a small knife or a pair of scissors.


4. Remove

When your campaign is over and you need to remove Sticky, just peel back one corner and pull the rest of the Sticky off. No need to treat the surface afterwards due to the fact that the adhesive leaves no traces.


Technical Information

Paper: 80 grams Kraft, self-adhesive

Printing technology: Flexography, digital print

Height of roll: 5-80 cm

Length of graphic: Up to 110 cm in flexography

Number of colors: Up to 6

Colors: Water based

80 grams Kraft, self-adhesive