DECOWELL STICKY PRIME is a unique advertising medium developed and patented by Decowell. Your message is printed onto a recyclable plastic (PET) streamer. The back has a unique adhesive that allows it to be attached and removed quickly and effectively. The adhesive leaves no traces or stickiness behind. Sticky Prime is preferably used for marketing and advertising campaigns on smooth surfaces when you need a high-quality picture and want to be sure that your streamer stays in place for a long period of time. For example it can be used on refrigerated displays and freezers, or directly on packaging and goods.

DECOWELL STICKY PRIME is a step on from our regular Sticky. This follow-up product can be used in the same areas as its predecessor but has the following additional advantages: 

  • Sticky Prime is made of recyclable plastic, which is not as vulnerable to moisture the way paper is. The plastic also gives a shinier and more luxurious impression.
  • Sticky Prime sticks better and therefore stays in place for longer.
  • Sticky Prime has better colour rendering properties which gives a higher picture quality.

It is not as sensitive in damp environments thanks to its better adhesive properties so a roll lasts longer than regular Sticky. 
Decowell Sticky Prime is delivered on a roll which usually measures 20 meters in length. We can, of course, adjust the length of the roll to your needs!




1. Unroll

Unroll a strip of Sticky Prime from the roll and place it where you want it to start. Press lightly with your hand. No carrier sheet is needed due to the unique adhesive.


2. Apply

Gently press Sticky Prime onto the surface with your hand. Is it not straight? No problem, just pull it off and reapply. The adhesive is reusable. You can use a cloth or a window scraper to remove any bubbles.


3. Cut

When you are satisfied and done with the application, you simply cut Sticky Prime with a little knife or a pair of scissors.


4. Remove

When your campaign is over and you need to remove Sticky Prime from applied surfaces. Take hold of a corner and peel back from the surface. No need to treat the surface afterwards due to the fact that the adhesive leaves no trace where the streamer was attached.



Material: PET (Recyclable) 50 MY, Water-based adhesive on back.

Printing technology: Flexographic print

Height of roll: 3.5-80 cm

Length of roll: From 2 metres/roll (standard is 20 m/roll).

Length of graphic: Max 800 mm

Number of colours: Up to 6